Why Artisan Soap

A few pennies and a few minutes can make the difference in anyone’s day, both to their health and wellbeing. Simple inherent goodness and an appreciation of natural beauty is all that is needed when it comes to making skincare and bathing choices for you and your loved ones. Humm products are handmade in small batches with a high degree of quality control and attention to detail, ensuring you get the best quality in your hands every time.

Our complete focus is on tailoring a little handmade luxury with lots of old-fashioned integrity and natural goodness. Our aim is to remove as many synthetic and toxic products from your skincare as we can, whilst being low waste and no plastic packaging producers. We want both you and your skin to humm along on this journey with us.  

Read ABOUT US and our journey below.

About us

Major life changes can sometimes lead us on amazing new adventures. And that, in a small acorn cap, is how Humm Soapworks came into being. 

A monumental move from one side of the world to another in 2021 came with all sorts of challenges and new opportunities. With a desire to build on a lifetime of great loves and great ideas, Humm Soapworks excitedly began to materialize.

We are a family that loves the natural, who loves taking care of each other and loves being conscious participants in this amazing world. We are quintessential nurturers in the best sense of the word. We have travelled all four corners - and we know that choosing every day to wisely do our part and to treasure health and wellbeing, leads to great outcomes for everyone.

We believe in the sage old truth that taking care of ourselves gives us the opportunity to also care for others. Now it's all about you and your part in our story - we hope you choose to humm along with us in your own unique and glorious way.